"You Will Fight For Us"

"You Will Fight For Us"

Published in News on May 09, 2020 by Casey Adam

The people that 'Fight for us' get to have a round of applause every Thursday evening but what about all the other days. Before the Covid Pandemic the military, and all the Doctors, Nurses, Postal Workers, Refuse Collectors, Delivery Drivers, Shop Keepers and many many others have served us daily. It is easy to be grateful when we are in a pandemic but what about during other times? How often do we complain for a late delivery or a shop that has closed maybe five minutes early,  how quickly we can turn to frustrated complainers. After lockdown lets try and maintain being positive towards them, be patient and thankful.

Phew, sorry I went off on one then! 

Well my second single is now out called "You Will Fight For Us" and we are really excited to see where this leads. Again the track has received a lovely review from " Never for Nothing a music blog. They say

CASEY ADAM : You Will Fight For Us (www.caseyadam.co.uk)

This single, the second from Hull-based Casey Adam, is a very skilfully arranged and well-written song. The backing is mostly sparse and gentle, rising as the song progresses, then dropping back for the outro. It all hinges on the vocal, which rides nicely above it all. Casey has a soulful voice that reminded me in places of Rag n Bone Man, John Legend and Sam Smith. The song traces the theme of God fighting for us, whatever depths we think we have sunk to. It doesn’t have a classic pop hook, but the melody stays with you long after the song has finished. Well worth a listen.   8/10.   Paul Ganney.

"Grateful" my first single has gone really well and I am so thankful to you all for your overwhelming support. On Spotify alone I have had 1,000 monthly listeners, 10,304 streams in 54 different countries. Wow wow wow, I am blown away.  I love the fact that you are on the journey with me and are all part of the story, please continue to support me and my music as I am so thankful for you.  Also for those that pray, please pray for direction and what are the next steps for me and my music and that God fulfils the prophecies that have been spoken over me. 

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