SOOOO excited

SOOOO excited

Published in News on Dec 18, 2019 by Casey Adam

November 1 2019 

I am soooooo excited to share my news from November, it’s got to be my favourite month this year, it all started on the 1st November when we, that is myself Kristen my girlfriend and our two friends Dan and Chloe flew out to New York. We arrived in New York early on the 2nd November and went to our hotel. I was not feeling well and had left home with all my family having some kind of sickness virus. My family love to share and immediately I got to my room I started being sick, fortunately it had waited until I landed before knocking me for six. I was determined however to make sure we enjoyed our holidays and I woke feeling washed out but better than I did earlier. Today was the New York marathon that Dan was entered for, he ran a really good race finishing just under the 4-hour mark. On the evening we all went for a meal and did some sightseeing visiting Times Square which was great to see.  


 The following day myself and Kristen left Dan and Chloe to go their own way, we had planned for weeks to make sure we got to see everything we wanted to see. After a good breakfast of delicious pancakes (thank goodness I was feeling a lot better) we set off. We visited the 911 memorial that had both Kristen and I moved to tears, although we know what happened on that day to see first-hand the devastation that this attack had was incredible. From here we visited the Rockafella Building and the Chrysler Building and enjoyed walking and taking in this glorious city. On the evening we finished the day with a show on Broadway, a great start to our trip. The following day we were up early and went to see Grand Central station and the Statue of Liberty again taking in the ambiance of this fantastic city, on the evening we boarded a bus and went to Washington excited to see what was next instore for us there. 


This day has got to be up there with my best day ever, I had told Kristen that we needed to go down to the marina to see the sunrise. She was a little reluctant as we had only arrived in Washington a few hours earlier. I managed to convince her that it would be well worth it and said that we needed to go reasonable well dressed as we had a busy day that required a more formal dress code. I told her to stand down at the water’s edge I got a Ukulele from my bag which I had learnt to play and began singing a love song I had written especially for her. I then got down on one knee and proposed to her, thankfully she said yes or it would have been a very difficult for us to enjoy our holiday ha ha.

The excitement of the day was not over although nothing would eclipse that moment of Kristen saying yes. We have a family friend that had managed to get us access to go inside the Whitehouse something that is not usually permitted for foreign travellers. President Trump was in the building but we were not allowed to go anywhere near that part of the Whitehouse. It was a fantastic experience and one I will remember always. The next couple of days were spent sightseeing, we visited The Lincoln Memorial, World War 2 Memorial, the National Mall, National Monument, the Capitol Building and the Air and Space Museum.  Like all good things they come to an end and we boarded a bus back to New York ready to get our flights back to the UK arriving on late Saturday 8th November, after a quick sleep it was back to work and singing at The Admiral in Hessle. Sunday, I had church and then another gig in Withernsea. 


The next week was full of catching up and fulfilling bookings but on the 14th November, I was asked to sing at the Hull Lights switch on which was a brilliant experienceᵀᴹ. The 16th was my birthday and Kristen I and went out for lunch, on the evening my family and I shared a takeaway and caught up. The next few days have seen me busy with speaking and singing at School assemblies, afternoon clubs and evening gigs, as well as this I have been asked to record a demo by Burgess Barn in order for them to put me with a producer that suits my style of music. I am so excited to get my music recorded and we are hopeful that in a few months we should have my original songs recoded on an album. On a more personal note Kristen and I have booked the church and the venue for our wedding so watch this space for more news on this as plans come together. 

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