Old Friends

Old Friends

Published in News on Dec 16, 2019 by Casey Adam

21 October 2019

This timer we were in Darlington with lots of my old friends there as I used to stay regularly in Darlington when I was an intern at ‘Jubilee Hull’. It was great to see everyone and showcase my songs. This brought my mini tour to a close, we loved every minute of it and are already planning one for next year but bigger and better.

The rest of October

The rest of October has been made up of gigging at local pubs, clubs and restaurants and also singing at Wedding Fayres, weddings are something I would like to do to supplement my writing and producing of my own music. In total I have done six fayres and I have received some bookings which is great but we are looking at different ways to market this area of what I can offer.   

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