Published in News on Apr 28, 2020 by Casey Adam

We are so grateful for everyone that has helped me get my debut single "Grateful" released, it has been a real team effort. The production was done by renown producer Feranmi Ogunseyinde AKA Fez. We were really blessed to work with this incredible guy, he made the whole process enjoyable and easy. The track was mixed and mastered by Luke Fellingham at Luna Sound Studios who I am sure you agree has done an incredible job. Promotion has been done by Mum, Dad and my family and my fiancé and her family. 

We have been blown away by the way "Grateful" has been received it is currently being played in 48 different countries with 611 monthly listeners and 4,855 streams this is in 18 days.  Further to this we have been told today that the track is to be played on UCB2 throughout May and I am super excited for my music to be played on this top Christian Radio station.

I cannot thank ex BBC Radio Humberside present Geoff Howlett enough for the top draw review he did on my track and for helping with contacts and advice, thanks Geoff we are truly thankful.  I have copied the review for you:  Never for Nothing by Geoff

CASEY ADAM : Grateful.   (www.caseyadam.co.uk)

This is Hull based Casey Adam’s debut single, and what a great song it is! He says; ““I wrote ‘Grateful’ when I was in a rut in my life, a rut that I did not feel I could get out of. I realised that I was looking inwards rather than towards God. I began to say to God I am ‘Grateful’ for everything you have done in my life, for the Cross, for me, through creation and for my family. Even after my time on earth I will be singing I am ‘Grateful’. I love to worship Jesus and by doing this I can flip my focus from me to Him, even though at times I feel rubbish by focusing on Him I feel so much better and I hope ‘Grateful’ can encourage others to do the same.” I was instantly struck by the excellence of Casey’s voice, which is both powerful and velvet smooth. Keyboards introduce the , as he sings ”How grateful, is my heart. It’s yearning for more.” Even when percussion joins in, Casey’s voice still soars, along with some well-placed guitar phrases. The production is first class, and you’d swear this was a major artist release, if you didn’t know better. If this is a taste of things to come, then Casey Adam is a name to watch out for in the world of Christian music.   10/10.

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