Published in News on Jun 18, 2020 by Casey Adam

Well folks your goodness and support continue to blow me away. The stream count keeps rising for all my songs, currently we have on Spotify 27,214 streams for 'Grateful', 5,684 for 'You Will Fight For Us', and 3,523 for my brand new track called 'Eternity' which was released on the 12th June 2020. All are still increasing daily and if you have not heard the tracks please do take a listen and let me know your thoughts, your feedback is crucial for me to learn and improve and write music that you all like and touches your heart. 

Although I am not able to physically go out and gig I have been busy writing new songs and I have reached out to another Christian Contemporary writer who I am going to possibly collaborate with. I have also done a virtual gig called 'Right On Your Sofa' which is part of an initiative of 'Back To Ours'. The evening was fantastic with a really interactive crowd who seemed to enjoy it from the feedback I have had. 'Back To Ours' (BTO) do fantastic work in and around Hull, often supporting those that are stuggling to get by and providing some form of entertainment so they do not feel socially isolated. I have also an up and coming gig with the 'BTO Choir' which I had the pleasure to be part of last Christmas. Although we cannot meet and practice together 'Zoom' has allowed us to meet together virtually and practice.  

I am busy writing more and more songs and I am looking forward to working with my producer and friend 'Fez' again once they are ready. I also am still practicing hard on the Ukulele and I think I am improving although its probably best to ask our neighbours whether this is true ha ha. I am still leading worship at our home church Jubilee this has been challenging as we have to pre-record everything and then our tech guys do there magic and piece it all together so as to form a full service. 

On 9th June I have my fourth single out so please keep your eye on social media as I will be starting to promote it soon. Meanwhile enjoy the sun and don't go to crazy once another part of lockdown is lifted on 4th July 2020. Love to you all.

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