Come and receive & Big News.

Come and receive & Big News.

Published in News on Jul 30, 2020 by Casey Adam

God has blown me away with the amount of airplay on different radio stations around the world my songs have received. Alos the amount of Spotify streams continues to grow daily. 'Grateful' now stands at 31,574, 'You Will Fight For Us' has 7,238, 'Eternity' has 10,573 and lastly 'Come And Receive' has 5,087. I have had two songs played on UCB2 which has been incredible. 

Big news is that I have taken a job with 'Emmaus' helping to reduce the number of rough sleepers by getting them into accommodation. So far so good, I am loving this new challenge. The job is perfect for me I start early which means I am home for 15.30 pm which allows me to write, record and promote my own music. Having a more fixed schedule is really helpful and I love my 'Emmaus' family that I have known for many years having sung at various events for the charity.

We have built up a lovely relationship with Geoff Howlett who is a past BBC Radio presenter and now has his own blog which reveiews music called Never for Nothing.  CASEY ADAM : Come & Receive.   (

Only written this year, Casey Adam felt God speaking to him at a 24 hour prayer event during some sung worship. He began to sing the words Come to me, all weary come and receive". Casey sang it over and over and over and the whole worship team began to sing it with him. It was a powerful moment. God was telling them to Draw close to Him so that He could draw close to them- James 4:8. Vocally, Casey shows his commanding range with a tenor sound that, then, becomes like velvet.  You are here; You are all around; Your heart beats loud for me.” As the song reaches its crescendo, theres a great feeling of worship and praise. Pour out your spirit over us; Fill us to overflow; Lord take our hearts and make them yours; God we want more and more”. I think that through all his recent single releases, Casey has shown that as well as his gift of singing, he has been blessed with writing some superb songs, too. 9/10.

Geoff has been so kind and helpful, linking me to other Christian artists and proffessionals that have helped me promote and get the best out of my music. God continues to encourage me and I look to him for further inspiration for my future songs.  

Another new release is due on August 21st 2020 which I am super excited about. I have another surprise lined up for the end of the year so please keep unto date either through the blog or on my social media. 

Love and best wishes to you all

Casey Adam

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