Back to my Roots

Back to my Roots

Published in News on Oct 08, 2020 by Casey Adam

The release of my final single has gone really well, 'Back To My Roots' was written because when I was a teenager I went to a music event where a Pastor called Ali Crompton prophecies over me. He said "I see a tree Casey, and I believe God is saying this is you. Your branches will be large and welcome people in, your trunk will be strong creating stability. Your leaves will create shelter for people  and your roots will go down far in scripture." I carried this prophecy with me for many years and have reflected on it over and over.  It was during a time of reflection that the song and music came to me and so 'Back To My Roots' was penned. So far it has been well received, below are the number of Spotify streams for each track, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for listening and your support.

Back To My Roots 12,037

Grateful 37,331

Come and Receive 13,092

Eternity 15,159

You Will Fight For Us 9,479

Recently I released hard copy CD which is on sale for £10 including postage (UK only). Sale of this has gone really well, should you wish to purchase one then please do not hesitate to contact me. 

So what's new, well apart from the new job not much, sadly there has been no gigs since March and the future due to Covid looks really uncertain. I have been approached by a wedding consultant that wants to use me for all her weddings which is exciting, and I also have three weddings coming up as well as some booking over Christmas but these will be subject to government guidelines. I have also covered 'Another Day In Paradise,'and colleagues at 'Emmaus' have produced a video that is to be launched on 'World Homeless Day'10.10.20. Please take a look on their Facebook page 'Emmaus Hull and East Riding' the photos are amazing and I loved be part of this amazing project. Normally I work shifts 7am-3pm or 2pm-10pm however last week we worked through the evening starting at 11pm and finishing the following morning at 8am. The aim was to count along with Hull City Council how many rough sleepers there are in Hull, the aim was to get a true picture of how many there are and how best to address the issue and get more into accommodation. I am so thrilled that during my time at 'Emmaus' I have been able to help and support many into accommodation, help set up benefits, help them into substance recovery and into education. To be a part of helping them is a real privilege. 

Until the next time stay safe and healthy.

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