Its Out
Hooray my debut single is out.

Sooo excited to announce my debut single 'Grateful' was released on the 10.04.20.

News | Apr 14, 2020

Thanks to you all
To all of the front-line staff around the world for providing support to those that need it, we thank you all.

It would not feel right to not mention the difficult times the World is in. My heart and thanks goes out to the Front-Line staff of the NHS, and all those providing care, transport, health and social care, teachers and those providing food,  we thank you all. 

News | Apr 07, 2020

Exciting Week
Getting ready for the launch

We are so thrilled that the time is coming when I make some major announcements about my music and the release of it. To say I am stocked about this is an understatement.

News | Mar 12, 2020

New venue
Vintage and Lambwath Pub

Friday was a new venue which I had heard a lot about called Vintage it was a great venue and did not disappoint. Saturday was back to Lambwath for the first time this year. 

News | Mar 10, 2020

Royal Hotel and National
Ohhhh my poor voice

By the comment above you will probably guess that my throat is still really painful and my voice not where I would like it, but as they say in showbiz 'Breaka leg'.

News | Mar 02, 2020

Green Dragon & William Gemell
Another great weekend of gigs

Friday saw me return to the Green Dragon in Welton, a place I love top sing and perform at. I was really struggling with tonsillitis so was really concerned that my voice would last out. 

News | Feb 27, 2020